Friday, April 4, 2014

A Rant About Opinion-Shaming, Fan Culture, 'Sell-Outs' and more

'So i wasn't exactly thrilled with Twin Atlantic's new song either, but i still love them? i guess im just asking why it seems like you hate them now? I know change is hard, and I can agree im not sure how much I really like this one, though just think of what Panic! at the Disco fans have been through, we're kind of lucky in my opinion.'
...Dear Musicians, where the hell has it gone?

Year One At Uni: Over and Out

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Monday, March 10, 2014

New Music Mondays: Best Tunes, Every Week

Just One Yesterday-Fall Out Boy
Patrick Stump shines in this sensational Fall Out Boy track. The band are taking to the stage in Cardiff this weekend, and I'm majorly regretting not picking up a ticket for myself. Like Paramore, FOB seem to have really hit their stride with their 'comeback' release, and Just One Yesterday is just one of the amazing songs on their (relatively) new album.

Girls/Girls/Boys-Panic! At The Disco
Strange dance tune Girls/Girls/Boys is another example of why Panic! are capable of mastering every genre out there. Plus Brendon Urie nearly does a 'Miley' in the video.

Stay The Night-Zedd and Hayley Williams
I'm pretty sure that Zedd contributed plenty of button-pressing, but Hayley really is the star of the show in this song. Her soulful vocals more than fit this meaningful EDM track-if such a thing exists.


Limousine-Brand New
This The Devil And God-era Brand New track was written in response to the death of a 7 year old girl who got killed in a drunk-driver-related accident. Now I know the meaning behind the song it makes the track more poignant than ever.

Sad Dream-Sky Ferreira
This track is far from new but at Xpress Radio not a week goes by where Gina Bevan doesn't play a song by Sky. Consequently, Miss Ferreira is always on the brain. Sad Dream sounds like the work of Norah Jones and is all the better for it.  

Monday, March 3, 2014

New Music Mondays: The Best New Tunes, Every Monday

Tonight Alive have just released the video for their awesome track The Ocean. Setting them apart from pop territory, this song reveals that the band's talent lies in their heavier pop-punk moments. Refreshingly, Jenna doesn't feel like a front woman, but rather an integral component to a cool band. The track is about shedding toxicity, a health issue that Jenna has suffered with and seemingly overcome. Straight edge never seemed so edgy.

At the other end of the spectrum lies The Pretty Reckless' sinful Heaven Knows. Clearly influenced by classic rock, Taylor Momsen has more of a thirst for theatrics than my usual punk bands. Nevertheless, this song is catchy and a promising sign for any up and coming material.

I've already reviewed the whole Versa EP here, but stand out track Wanderlust needs to be foregrounded again. This wistful electro track is certainly way different to VersaEmerge material, but Blake and Sierra seem to have maintained whatever it was that made their previous band something special.

This KOOLKATKLAN demo comes from the lead singer of Manners, who presumably due to the band being at different Uni's has been working on some material of his own. Sounding like Skaters or Fidlar on a Best Coast kind of day, this track just makes you glad that summer is on its way back around once again.

This heart-wrenching Neck Deep track features the vocals of Laura Whiteside and is a brilliantly raw moment on an otherwise upbeat album. Saved for last, it leaves you staring wistfully at the wall, shell-shocked at what you've just witnessed.

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Midweek Mixtape: Lorde, Neck Deep, ADTR, Becca N-M and You Me At Six

This weeks Mixtape consists of moody pop and upbeat punk that fits the slowly emerging Spring outside our windows. Of late, the pre-festival hype has been building between me and my friends as we decide which sites to hit this summer. On my radar seem to be Lattitude and Reading so it's with fingers crossed that the acts below might make an appearance at either of them.

New-Zealand teen Lorde is a refreshing voice amongst a sea of unoriginal artists. With poetic lyrics her songs offer a real insight into the plight of being young, bored and curious about life outside the boundaries of our dull suburban towns. Ribs is a haunting homage to youth that sets the singer far apart from her contemporaries.

Neck Deep-Growing Pains
The track from Hopeless Records' only UK signing is a melodic and heartfelt pop-punk track that defends the hype around the band. A love letter to a loved one, this song is a 'hey it's okay' that sounds like a cross between Blink182 and Gnarwolves. Perfection in other words.

A Day To Remember-Best Of Me
From their lyrically transparent album Common Courtesy comes A Day To Remember's honest Best Of Me, a reflection upon investing too much trust into sketchy management. The sentiment is easily transferable to any situation though, and so this up-tempo pop-punk track is easily one of the best on the record.

Becca Need-Menear-Sleeping Sickness Cover
Lead vocalist for Anavae, Becca Need-Menear more than does justice to this acoustic City and Colour track. After sharing her cover on my facebook page, I received comments such as 'wow', which incidentally is the only adequate description for what you're about to hear.

You Me At Six-Forgive and Forget
By far the coolest track off of their new album, Forgive and Forget is moody and epic whilst being an accessible pop track. Consequently, this expansive track could easily be the soundtrack to the festival circuit this summer.